Thursday, 6 August 2015


It's been quite a busy few months! I've been down to England painting Orthodox icons, over to Budapest to wander the streets and visit a friend, around Aberdeen helping to organise an exhibition or two, but mostly I've been packing boxes...

The studio you see in these photos is no more. I've moved from Aberdeen to Glasgow. In September I'll be starting a Master's of Fine Art Practice at the Glasgow School of Art. But before I moved, we snapped some photos of me in the studio for a small feature which is currently up on the website of The Society of Scottish Artists. It's nice that it happened at that time, since now I'll have some photos to remember that little room where I spent so many hours.

Also, I should mention that you can find me on instagram now. Do say hello if you are on there too!

Now that things are looking a little more settled, hopefully I'll be back with more posts soon. Wishing you lots of joy on these wintry summer days.