Monday, 25 May 2015

A Visit to the Wonderland of Ed Haddaway

Last November, just in time for the Day of the Dead, we found ourselves in Albuquerque at the home and studio of Ed Haddaway and Barbara Forshay. Ed is an artist who creates amazing sculptures from reclaimed metals (sometimes even reclaimed from his own previous sculptures, as I found out when watching this lovely interview).

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to wander among the sculptures which were in various states. Some pieces looked like Ed had finished with them and now only the wind and rain and sun were continuing to work on them. Others were still in the process of being formed by Ed's hand. There were small sculptures and enormous ones, and everything in between. In some parts of the yard, pieces of scrap metal lay scattered on the ground, waiting for transformation.

It was wonderful to be able to talk to Ed, and to see what he was working on. It was such a privilege to be left to wander about, to wonder about how it would all end up looking in the end, all the while feeling the giddiness of endless possibility.

Sometimes the bits left behind were almost as interesting to see as the bits taken away.

Inside the studio, a sword swallower waited in the shadows. Walking around Ed and Barbara's really feels like being on a treasure hunt.

All sorts of thoughts came to me looking at these sculptures. I love the contrast of big rusted gears working together with the more delicate and organic details. And then there are the giant, anthropomorphised animals and the pieces that look like walking hearths with trees sprouting from them... so many incredible things standing all around made of bold colour and rust. The piece above looked to me like a little song decided to stop by the yellow autumn leaves for a while.

These sculptures are all wonderful from every side, so really I would have needed to take hundreds of photos to give you a proper impression of them!

I hope you've enjoyed this little photo-tour of Ed's studio and his sculptures. If you want to see more of his work, then do have a look at his website. Ed has sculptures all around Albuquerque, as well as further afield, so there is a lot more of his work out there! Ed and Barbara are probably two of the nicest, most welcoming people you could hope to meet, and they are on Airbnb so do visit them if you are in the area!


  1. Excellent Thank you Jodi!
    Barb Forshay

  2. Nice images and... most of all, nice work!

    David Foell

  3. This is marvelous! Albuquerque is delightful isn't it? I wish I had known you were visiting, it would have been an excellent excuse to resist ( my husband went to StJohn's in nearby Sante Fe, so in some ways it is home) AND actually meet you. Looks like you had a wonderful visit!