Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Colour Remedy for a Dreich Day

Some photos from a plane trip that felt like it passed through Candy Land. I was so overwhelmed by the clouds and light that I forgot to take any photos until the most fantastic sights had already subsided, but I think these give a taste of it anyway. It's good to warm the eyes on colours like these, especially on days like these, where at lunchtime it is still too dark to read a book without switching on a lamp.

So here I am, days and weeks and months since my last post. I had thought that I could somehow anchor time here as a I passed through an over-busy period in my daily life, but of course, that's never how things work out in the end.

In these past few months I have flown across the sea and back, visiting the desert for the first time. I've started and also stopped working at a Russian nursery in addition to my regular job; though I loved seeing the effects that even just days had on the rapidly-growing minds of the children there, I simply couldn't find the time for it. I've seen skeletons parading in the streets, golden leaves, and snowy mountain-tops. I've been painting and working on prints too, so I have lots to share, now that things have slowed down a little.

It's incredible how a couple of months can feel at once like an eternity and also like the blink of an eye. I hope this little stretch of time has brought you rich memories and much joy. I am looking forward, once again, to catching up with everyone.


  1. Amazing images, Jodi, how very lucky to have had this show for your benefit! And you have been leading a most rich and busy life so we forgive you and now look forward to a bit of catch up.

    Thanks for the visit to my place. I'm so happy you were able to 'open the door' at last!

    All good wishes in this coming holiday season.

  2. what gorgeous photos, coming here is always a balm. thank you!
    and i am happy to hear how busy you are, it always means more treats for us around the corner :)