Sunday, 3 August 2014

A Quine Like You

I'd forgotten to post about this until now, but a few months ago I had a commission to illustrate the story which won the Toulmin Prize literary competition, as in years past (2013, 2012, 2011).

At the time of painting this I was just back from studying with an icon painter (more on that sometime soon!), and I think there was definitely some influence lingering from the work I'd been doing on a painting of the Virgin Mary's very linear garments when I started working on this woman's boiler suit. Obviously the two garments look nothing alike, and this illustration is much more relaxed, but something of the approach seemed the same to me.

I suppose it's rather an appropriate illustration for this time of year, as the narrative begins with a young girl dropping off a jar of home-made raspberry jam on the doorstep of a rather intimidating neighbour. Scotland is a great country for wild berries and so we've been spending some our evenings out gathering wild raspberries recently. I hope you too are enjoying these late summer days and all the fruits of the season!


  1. NIce work, Jodi! Yesterday I was already here to visit your works . And I enjoyed it ! (Yes I think you are right about the garments, I can imagine you mentioned it.)

  2. lovely illustration, your faces always have so much character to them, and the body language of the pair is so intriguing... i am *waiting* to hear about the studies with the icon painter! what a year you are having!!

  3. Well done again Jodie ... your illustration this time around makes me think of the 1930s era and I find myself wondering if the woman had been busy under the bonnet of her motor or fixing her motorcycle before the little girl had been sent next door with the gift of jam because she wants to watch*!*