Monday, 26 May 2014

A May Morning Quite Early

A little over a week ago, being on my own and away from home, I woke up early and went off to walk in the woods at a time when I would normally still be sleeping.

I was staying in an enormous, old and creaking house. Before reaching these woods, I crept down the long and bending stairways that traced their way down the house's three tall storeys, then I walked along a dark hallway, out into the rolling mist-covered morning landscape, across a lawn, through some incredibly tall wooden doors and into a gloriously blossoming walled garden, then across the garden, up a hill and through another gate into the shade of a mature arboretum which was like some lost kingdom of sheep with a herd peacefully reclining here and there at the bases of the enormous trees with their new lambs, then along a sweet-smelling path of lilacs and rhododendrons and even some bluebells, and finally I came to a rusted-out, sideways-hanging empty frame of a door.

Though the door had become mostly an imagined door and I could have just ducked through without opening it, I turned the knob and pulled the empty, groaning door open towards me and stepped through into this world of twisting old trees and bluebells.

I walked in the fragrant, bird-loud woods until well past the point where my feet were dew-soaked. I might still be walking now if I hadn't remembered that I had actually woken early because I had meant to get an early start painting that day, before I meandered off course.

Perhaps you are wondering why there are only photos of the woods and the bluebells, and not any of the places I passed through to get to the woods? Well you see..... growing up in Canada I had a depressive biology teacher from England who once mentioned bluebell woods as an example of a lack of biodiversity. And perhaps they are (though these ones don't seem so bad to me), but since that day it has been a small, hidden-away dream of mine to visit a bluebell wood in spring. Somehow, the past springs that we have been in Scotland it has never quite worked out (possibly not having a car is to blame), so I felt very lucky indeed to accidentally wander into a wood like this the other day.

Wishing you a good start to the week and hoping you enjoy these last days of spring!


  1. wow, it's like you made a magic spell! what an awe-inspiring space...those bluebells are so lovely, and the twisty, lined trees (the lines especially in that top photo) are like sculptures...what a treat this post is! thank you!

  2. "bird-loud woods" -- the very best kind! Brilliant three-word description.

  3. Your photography is peaceful and magical. Thank you !