Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Early April

A small hello from the beginning of spring, a mug of rich cocoa, a little break.

This is a day of grinding granite skies and brightest yellow flowers blazing, and of fat tulips in glowing white and cool purple on the table. In a turpentine reek, by the open window, a new layer of etching ground is hardening onto a sheet of copper.

While I have have been busy not writing here, I have done a lot of wandering out in the streets, watching the people and the weather, watching the birds moving from branch to branch.

It seems like the spring has been slipping in slowly and quietly for a long time, and now suddenly there are little riots in the branches and nests being built on all the rooftops.

Of course, I have not only been out wandering. I have also been keeping busy learning some new skills in these past weeks. At the moment everything is mostly still caught up in the theoretical, but soon, soon I should have some new things to show you!  

The day we took these photos was maybe the first time I have ever gotten close enough to a magnolia tree to really smell the flowers, as they always seem to be locked away behind someone's fence. How lovely they are, and each tree so different from the others!

I hope wherever you are April is treating you well, whatever you are choosing to do in it!

P.S. Milla's husband is taking over a business which makes tools for traditional wood carving as it is done on the Northwest coast of America. They have a small campaign under way to raise some funds to cover the costs. Go have a look if you can.