Friday, 17 January 2014

Slowly into January

Happy New Year!

This past weekend we travelled up to the north coast of Scotland to a small fishing village where they bring in the new year with a fire festival every year on the night of the 11th of January (see here and here for previous posts about that). The gentle disjunction of time between the Gregorian calendar, and the Julian calendar, which is still followed in the fishing town with the fire festival, adds a welcome pause to the year.

Slowly I am coming back to routine though. Or making new routines perhaps. I am hoping this year will bring new skills and lots of good painting and prints. I've decided to start sharing photos of works-in-progress over here (though, I'll still be posting on this weblog as normal).

I suppose it is almost a tradition around here to start having photos of the windowsills at this time of year.

We are having a mild winter, punctuated with wind storms and threats of flooding, but all around town, the plum blossom trees have been flowering since mid-December.

A couple of months back, I made a himmeli, which is the geometric mobile you can see in the photos. (I made it from cheap drinking straws and old bits of string by following this.) It is a traditional Finnish Christmas decoration, and so it probably should have been taken down by now, but we've come to enjoy it's incessant whirling and twisting in front of the draughty windows, so I think it will stay up a while longer at least.

I know it's a little late, but thank you for being here in 2013.