Saturday, 28 December 2013

Lanterns for Dark Evenings

Back in November, we happened to visit Berlin just in time for Saint Martin's Day. A kind commenter here mentioned the tradition of lantern processions to me just before we left on our trip. I didn't think I would see any lantern parades in the city, but actually we happened to run into a few that weekend!

Most of the time there were just little trickles of people carrying their lanterns...

...but a little after dark on the 11th we ran into a whole street-full of children singing and carrying lanterns, following a Martin on his horse.

We thought it was such a charming way to start the holiday season, that when we came back I set to work to turn what we'd seen into a card to send out this Christmas.

 As in other years (see here: 2009201020112012), this took the form of a lino print.

Seeing the folded cards all piled up together with the image visible along their spines, had such a pleasing quality for me that I have begun to consider making a little hand-printed book sometime in the new year. We'll see!

Wishing that you continue to have a warm and joyful holiday season!


  1. Wonderful cards, Jodi, and to be so inspired by a German tradition too!

    All happiness to you and yours this season and in the New Year 2014!

  2. Beautiful, Jodi!! And a very happy, creative and inspirational year to you.

  3. oh, i will be so excited to see a book, i am first in line to buy!! you must!
    the cards are so beautiful!! and i loved your post about the tradition, as well....

  4. Oh , I like this one ! I have missed this post!