Friday, 4 October 2013

Pushing Print

Some prints from my studio for you today!

But if those are not quite the sort of prints you are interested in seeing, I will have two prints on display at the Pushing Print festival in Margate starting tomorrow and continuing until the 20th of October. La rencontre and Deux poids, deux mesures will both be there, framed and ready to take home. There will also be hundreds other prints in various venues around the town, as well as interesting talks and workshops, and tomorrow there will be a Giant Print Event where enormous monoprints and linoprints will be printed in the street using a steam roller!


  1. haha!! is he not doing the jig of success?? he is!!
    congratulations :) have fun, and i think a steamroller's a good idea... :D

  2. Wow... steam roller prints! I sometimes think I should rig some kind of steel plate thing in my driveway that I could roll my car over and get prints. Never thought of a steam roller, but, alas, I guess a small etching print might be a bit more affordable.

  3. Thanks Zoe! I wish I could make it down there. It sounds like the steamroller worked out really well too!

    Valerianna, that is definitely worth trying, I think. It would probably be easier to do small prints another way... but if one keeps working bigger and bigger, after a certain point there just won't be a press big enough. I've read about some people printing with a hand-pushed sort of mini steam roller which it is possible to rent apparently (but obviously if you already have a car it would be easier to use that if you could get it to work). Or if you know a blacksmith, then I guess the printing possibilities could be endless!