Wednesday, 5 June 2013

La Rencontre

La Rencontre, etching, 20 x 30 cm

Welcome to the inky skies, dark woods, and stony heights of the last etching in my 'double' series!

The title of this print is French, in keeping with the names of the other prints in this series, and it translates to 'the encounter'. In it, a person meets themself walking in the forest beyond a city which both lies in the distance and hangs above the meeting.

It seemed to me that an encounter of this sort could only take place in contrast to the social, communal world of the town, and that evoking this world would render the forest deeper, darker and more lonely than if the nearest town were thousands of kilometres away.

While I was working away on it, building up the tones of sky, rock, and forest with layers of lines and dashes, I thought about the sometimes eerie qualities of the double, doppelgangers, superstition, the 'return of the repressed', and the fear of mortality. 

And though the photos are not as clear as I had hoped, maybe you can see that the only clear white areas of the print are on the clothes of those in the meeting.  I had hoped to give them a touch of luminosity to attract the eye down to them, despite their low placement. 

Though when I was making the studies for this series of etchings this was not the last image I came up with, I kept this one until last because somehow this felt like the perfect ending to this series. Which is good, because part of me says this topic of doubles is an interesting one, and I feel like I could go on for a long time finding more doublings to explore in images.

Of course, before starting work on these prints I had begun a painting which I will be happy to get back to, and there are new ideas that have been waiting to be brought to light as well. These long days of northern summer are wonderful for painting.
I hope June is treating you well, wherever it takes you!


  1. this series is absolute magic! each one breaks something open, surprises... and the theme is so fascinating. the last one had me following links about the grey man, and i found all kinds of interesting things...
    here, the figures make me think of varo and her mysterious and secretive "encounters"...the cities and the trees are perfect, everything is perfect! congratulations!

  2. Oh my, this one has stolen my heart... I love the moment of meeting, each "self" has such an emotional presence. I love the little tree just behind the self on the right - the one that is almost growing out of a larger tree. The city in the background reminds me so much of a Giotto kind of place, for some reason. I just love this particular one in the series, maybe the forest theme, I don't know, but smitten. Happy June in the land of long days!

  3. This is just gorgeous. Beautiful, haunting, and deeply moving.

  4. I agree with Lynn - a haunting vision - beautiful.

  5. That's a beautiful image Jodi; I love so many things about it. My very first impression was that I could see the trees waving in the wind, and that it somehow reminds me of that city 'Cittagazze' in The Subtle Knife. There is definitely an otherworldly quality to it, or even a between-the-worlds quality, which is quite fitting I guess if two different realities are meeting up unexpectedly. The textures are amazing; I keep wanting to go back and look at it again to drink in some more of the detail. Really great picture!!

  6. A stunning etching, Jodi! I love the mystical and the magical feel that you achieved with the variety of your lines and marks and the slow patience behind it all. I wish I could see this series all together in real life. Bravo!

  7. oh, i love the blog's new header, too!!

  8. How difficult it is to create a rich and haunting image that is perfect, even more difficult to create an etching that is perfect! You just did it!
    And I LOVE it!
    The detail where the sky/rocks/clouds/rain meet the waving trees is brilliant and has something japanese.
    Oh, how much I love the movement in the branches! and the tiny trees on the forest floor, and the branch in the hand!
    Yes, this happens in the magical forest on the mountain: we meet ourselves.
    Thank you Jodi!! My heart, Barbara :X

  9. Thank you everyone so very much for your kind comments! Though I am late in responding, I appreciated them so much and I was thrilled to read all of your impressions.

    p.s. Zoe, glad you like the new header too... I was just trying it out when you found it, I didn't think anyone would notice!! ;)