Thursday, 23 May 2013

La Projectionniste

   On this May evening of cruel, capering winds and riots of hailstones, I thought I would finally present to you the fourth print in the series I have been making on the theme of 'double'.  Maybe it is somewhat appropriate to share this print on a day of crazy weather, as it takes an atmospheric phenomenon as its starting point: a Brocken spectre with glory.  (It is the same phenomenon that is said to be responsible for greymen, mentioned in this post.)

 In this etching (20 x 30 cm) an explorer stands as high as possible, beyond the peak of a mist-shrouded mountain seeking to find herself reflected back, spread far and wide across the landscape.

I will keep this post short as I've caught a cold and am not in top form for writing at the moment.  But, I should mention that in my absence from posting here I also managed to finish the fifth and final plate in this series, which I hope to share with you soon.  Wishing you a lovely spring evening of fresh-grown leaves and late sun.  


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    every new one you put up is my favorite! i am bowled over by this one, though, it's as if you have captured all the thoughts and wonderings bouncing around in my skull right now--i love the idea behind it, and i can even see the radiating circles as sound, for an added level :)
    i wish i could send you some of this glorious weather we're having...hang on, i'll work on it.
    amazing, amazing!

  2. Wonderful. Wishing you sunshine, too. We have the new, beautiful green leaves, but a boatload of rain the last few days. We've needed it, but things are starting to flood. I don't know if anyone ever needs hail, though!

  3. To seek to be reflected in the weather, or just one's changing mirror in the world? I sit at the computer just wanting to write a few words of hello in response to your post, to say what a joy it is to read and look at each new blog entry, but the words of thoughts fail to complete themselves, and as I wonder what to write, my attention is drawn away by the different bird calls I can hear on this rained-on early morning. I, too, wish you a bountiful spring and all the very best, including a speedy recovery.

  4. Zoe, thank you so much! And after I read your comment I went and read your recent posts, and it was lovely... I could see just what you meant!

    Valerianna, I guess there really isn't much use for hail, come to think of it. When I was a child I used to wait until the second a hailstorm ended so I could go out into the garden barefoot and collect the hailstones before they melted. Though, of course, they melted in my hands anyway. (But that was part of the joy of it!)

    Hello and welcome! And thank you for the sweet comment. How lovely to have words sent from you on a rainy, bird-sung morning!