Thursday, 30 May 2013

Flowers of a Forgotten Hand

Last night, sorting out photos for a post about the fifth and final plate in the 'double' series, I came across these photos which were taken about a year ago.  The post about that etching will come soon, but first, just for now, I thought I'd take a minute to share these details from the ceiling of the crypt in Saint Mungo's Cathedral.

Looking back on the photos, the ceiling is not that low, but in my memory the arches seemed to flower vividly only just beyond my reach.  I don't even know what name to give to these wonderful faces, flowers, skulls, vines and dragons which delighted me so as we wandered the crypts last May, though I am sure there must be a word for them.

How lovely to find, under a church, a lamp-lit forest of squat, many-armed stone pillars reaching up into tight arches.  And then how exquisite to move through that into this one perfect room where the ceiling blooms brightly all the year long, where stained glass gleams and jeweled light marches daily across the perfectly pointed white walls!

If I lived in Glasgow I think this would be the place I'd come to on sunny winter afternoons.

But today is a day to be out of doors.  The air is sweet, chestnut trees are blooming, bluebells and yellow poppies are pushing up in abandoned gardens, and there are still fat red tulips beaming in window boxes.  I am longing for a weekend of forests, rivers, and ocean.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

La Projectionniste

   On this May evening of cruel, capering winds and riots of hailstones, I thought I would finally present to you the fourth print in the series I have been making on the theme of 'double'.  Maybe it is somewhat appropriate to share this print on a day of crazy weather, as it takes an atmospheric phenomenon as its starting point: a Brocken spectre with glory.  (It is the same phenomenon that is said to be responsible for greymen, mentioned in this post.)

 In this etching (20 x 30 cm) an explorer stands as high as possible, beyond the peak of a mist-shrouded mountain seeking to find herself reflected back, spread far and wide across the landscape.

I will keep this post short as I've caught a cold and am not in top form for writing at the moment.  But, I should mention that in my absence from posting here I also managed to finish the fifth and final plate in this series, which I hope to share with you soon.  Wishing you a lovely spring evening of fresh-grown leaves and late sun.