Sunday, 9 December 2012


   Oh, what to think of these odd short days of so many faces, and so much holiday food?  There were oceans of people scurrying about in the dark clutching impossible amounts of plastic carrier bags as I walked home from work today in a nighttime hail shower (even though it was a Sunday afternoon).  And even in through the suffocating crush of wet coats brushing and rough edges of packages scraping, there was still the grace of a fresh wind rushing generously up against my face.

The other day, to cure a headache, I went to the winter gardens that are only a short walk from us now.  There was a brass band playing nearby and this angel's trumpet that seemed to shine light from inside its flowers.  I think that it may be the sweetest cure for any affliction.

Time seems to run in increasingly intricate patterns these days.  Thoughts and daydreams begin to burst their  barriers and run over into conversations about the weather. There are hours and hours for the selling and the buying of things, but no time at all for creating them.  And so, in the midst of all this, it feels to me more important than ever to grab at and steal any stray moment and to draw all possible pleasure from it.


  1. We are truly a culture afflicted by busyness, and the job of the artist is to slow way down, look intimately and long and take loads of time to make things. Wish the rest of the culture got that!

  2. A way to escape the crazy consumption rush these days: buy only warm woollen socks and some necessary ink, or paper, pen, brush, paint for one another, so you and your loved ones can create with warm feet!

    Valerianna, your words here are a treasure!

  3. oh, thank you for those flowers--the perfect cure for all sorts of things! are right, it seems odd--all this craziness, this is always the time of least creativity, for me. although--it kind of makes sense as a gestational period, not the buying, but the fact of so much visiting and out of the ordinary activity.
    i like the idea of warm socks and inks! but i generally go with piles and piles of books...

  4. How lovely to find these words about slowing down and looking deeply, warm feet and creating, gestational times and piles books! I feel very lucky to have such wise people commenting here. I am wishing all of you time to create in as well as lovely days with the ones you care about most!

  5. Lovely images! This is my first visit here and I'm enjoying your lovely artwork too. :)
    Jess x