Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Leaves Like Lanterns

Goose cries and long strings of wintry birds passed overhead, quickly vanishing beyond the houses, with two weeks' worth of days caught around their ankles as they flew.  That's where the time went.

Or maybe the time got painted out and drawn over.  I keep meaning to post here, but everything I'm working on right now is somewhere in the middle stages.  Hopefully there will be an etching to show soon though.

Yesterday, in a small round hour of sunlight, we snuck through the back lanes, disguised as the tops of our own heads just peeking out above the stone walls.

The wind smelled of fires.  The sunlight had turned cold and sharp.  And everywhere we went magpies called out, clicking, clacking and croaking to one another.

May you find these longer nights to be lit by vast and vivid dreams.  Happy Autumn!


  1. This is so beautiful.
    Happy Autumn!

  2. the photos are really beautiful, but your words are a crazy magic!!
    thank you for them! it's poetry. you really should make a book. i would love to turn the pages, i would love to curl up on the couch with it.

  3. Absolutely magical, Jodi, just gorgeous. And I agree with Zoe! A book would be just marvellous. (^_^)☆

  4. Thanks, you three! Sometimes I do think of ideas for books, but then somehow I never get very far with the actual making of them... maybe one day though.