Thursday, 9 August 2012

Things Underfoot

   We have been out hunting the creeping, ground-growing fruits of the woods.  At home pine needles and moss gather in the kitchen sink.  There are more blaeberries (wild blueberries) in the woods than all the people of this world could pick.  And they grow one small berry for every five plants.  Chanterelles and boletes and so many other wild mushrooms explode out of the earth all in a day, and insects whir and drone loudly overhead while you stoop down to pick them.  The blooming, ripening season is here.   

    It has been hard to sit in front of a computer these days, even the many rainy ones.  There was a small trip to Glasgow last week, a confection of a trip.  Stunning medieval tapestries and paintings at the Burrell Collection, Rima and Tom putting on a lovely show one evening at GalGael, and finally seeing Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre this time all made for a marvellous couple of days.  Sometimes, especially when you don't really live in one, it is lovely to feel a city thrumming all around you.  And so we are having our fill of them: next week we are off to Edinburgh to meet a friend from afar and bring them back up to Aberdeen, and surely to have a look at the Fringe on the way.

   Then there is the quiet stuff of every day: cooking up experiments for dinner, bringing wine to a friend, looking for ways to make a few pennies, tapping the barometer, finding a new easel (a big one!) that doesn't cost too much.  And slowly, despite this overwhelming abundance, it is time to start gathering in some things for the autumn, plans and wishes and scratchings on paper. 


  1. Oh how I would have loved to see Rima and Tom perform, and now I can add Sharmanka to my list of longings that must be delayed until deadlines and responsibilities are not so pressing. Thank you for this post.

    Here the year has not been kind to the garden. Virtually no soft fruit. Too much rain and not enough sun has taken a toll. We had no cherries, and our crop of plums will be far from bumper. Still, we shall enjoy what we get.

  2. Lucky you to get to see Rima and Tom! I love feeling the city thrum, as long as I can escape back to the forest when it becomes too much.

  3. Wow, I just got back from following the Sharmanka link... amazing! One more thing to add to my long list of places to visit when I visit the UK.

  4. what a big weekend! i am on my way to follow these links...the foods you find sound heavenly, and your new home (this little peek) looks lovely, and congratulations on the easel!!

  5. The links were indeed wonderful - I am so glad that I visited them. They also reinforced my image of Scotland that I got through Campbell's biography of J.C. Maxwell, and Michael Pupin's mention of the same. I think that Scotland could teach something to the country where I am currently living... In any case, thank you for this post - and as for the start of the changing seasons, I agree: while I have not changed my activities quite yet, I have noticed changes in the sky, in the light, which is now more golden... Wishing you all the very best with the new easel.

  6. Gorgeous picture of that stone chapel with trees!!! You are soaking in inspiration, and we will enjoy the fruits, good!

  7. Clive,
    The things you pick yourself always taste the finest anyway, even if the harvest is small. To be honest, even foraging in the woods has been pretty soggy this year. Everywhere there are deep, tea-coloured rivers where last year there were only pine needles and mushrooms.
    Sharmanka is so completely wonderful and worth seeing if you do get the chance. And it sounds like Tom and Rima will be travelling about putting on more shows in the future, so you never know when you might see them.

    How good that you wrote "when" and not "if"!

    Thanks, I am really pleased with the easel. I have just gesso-ed up some panels, I should soon have the chance to test it out!

    Thanks and so glad you liked the post! You're making me so curious... what country are you living in? You mentioned some things about your country in some of your recent posts, but never actually said which one it was. Very intriguing!

    I knew that you would like that picture, probably most of all! I hope you are right about the fruits!