Saturday, 25 August 2012

Brown Footprints on Green Grass

   These are some old photos, from about this time last year.  All of what lies around this city is a bit of a fairy tale: stone circles, cold mountain streams, crooked and mossy woods, endless sandscapes by the shore, bog-topped mountains, and an unreal amount of turreted pink castles. 

There are so many nooks and crannies that need to be visited.  Someone will mention a great crater where thousands of sea birds come to nest in the spring or a mountain top where they experienced glory or a brocken spectre and somewhere inside me a slow, nagging yearning will start. 

Luckily we recently got hold of some old bicycles.  There is a lovely organization in Aberdeen that gives people bikes for free.  Sometimes they are rusty and old and broken, but then they have tools and people with bike repair knowledge who can teach you to fix bikes yourself with the spare parts that are laying around in their work space.

I found an old green mountain bike with no pedals and no brakes, but with some help I managed to get it fixed up to the point where, while it could still use some new brake pads, it was good enough to drive home on.  I have an immense appreciation and respect for this entirely volunteer-run and absolutely wonderful group.  I wish every town had something like this!

So now the countryside is drawing nearer... it is as though our legs have grown three times as long. 

Meanwhile, this apartment has found three different ways to leak water: missing roof slate, broken hot water tank in the attic, and a slow gush from the washing machine which has apparently gone on long enough to have rotted the floor boards.  So, we have been a little bit tied down as of late, with everything pulled out of place and not too much getting done.

I suppose that's why I've posted a dream of an afternoon escape in here today. 


  1. Sorry to hear about those annoying and highly distracting water problems. A lovely escape to beautiful scenery is your reward, and our reward via your gorgeous photos! Turreted pink castles and stone circles sound like a fairy tale I'd like to step into.

  2. Hope everything gets sorted soon and, especially, that you don't have any mold problems. Thanks for the lovely pix.

  3. I second what WOL wrote, and hope those problems get solved soon - and that they bring a "silver lining" soon...
    What a magnificent post. I had never heard of those light phenomena before, how fascinating. And how much one misses by living in the city. Thank you, once again, for such an inspiring post.

  4. what a glorious dreamscape!! i am so sorry about the water issues...
    how odd that you mentioned the brocken specter, i had run across the jung quote and was noodling around with it just now! odd timing :)

  5. Beautiful post, Jodi. I too wish every town had something like that! How wonderful!

    One of the things I love about blogging is this ability to sweep away the daily grind, and present instead, a lovely afternoon instead.

    I hope all your leaky troubles are over and you get to enjoy more afternoons like this one, soon!