Friday, 29 June 2012

From out of the fog...

   A minute ago a gull flew by so close his wings almost brushed rain drops off the window pane.  Maybe a small hello, after this long while, will carry out to you through all of this fog.
   We are living close to the harbour now, so there are even more sea gull cries at night, and sometimes low horns play in the thickness of the air.  We returned to Aberdeen on midsummer, and it has been raining almost continuously since.  The other day all of our things came out of storage and there are still piles of books in the corners, and clothes that need to be hung up once we are ready to go out into the rain again to buy some hangers.  I spent a long while on a slow, intermittent internet connection trying to catch up on all your goings on.  The connection was too slow for leaving comments, but there were so many things I would have liked to have said.

    So these are three views from the windows of the new apartment.  Our first night here, because of jet lag, I only slept a couple of hours.  While my husband lay sleeping I got up to sit in the bay window and take a good look at this new place we are living in.  It turns out that after a certain hour, the cars stop passing through the streets, and in their place foxes wait at the light or run through the intersection on their turn. 

    The lighthouse is not far away, and there is a little room here where I can paint and draw and run copperplates through my small press to make prints.  I think this will be a good place to spend the next three years.  Hello and I'll write again soon!


  1. oh, i'm so glad you're back! it looks lovely--although i hope you get some sunshine, soon!
    it would make me so happy to see those foxes...such graceful animals, such an odd thing to see at the light :)

  2. I'm happy your back Jodi !!! and I'm looking forward to three more years of you blogging from Scotland! these foxes are a great blessing for your inspiration!

  3. Welcome back to the Webworld. Take it easy, moving is pretty stressful, so be gentle with yourself.

  4. It is good to be back... thanks, you guys!

    And, Zoe, we finally got a little bit of sun yesterday, but it was back to rain today. It is really lovely at this time of year when the weather is nice though, since it doesn't really get completely dark at night. A little before midnight last night we were out in the park and it wasn't fully light, but it was bright enough to read a book.

    There are a lot of foxes in the UK I guess, people sometimes complain about them here, but I'm inclined to agree with you, Zoe and Barbara, that they are wonderful creatures to come across.

    Dreaminginstitches, thanks.... I will be sure to relax.... soon!

  5. I love this post. The photos are so beautiful. Mist and foxes and seagulls at night. I miss my childhood sound of the harbour foghorn at night.
    So happy you have found somewhere so lovely to live. We too have a big move coming up, something I am not looking forward to!