Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Something to Blanche the Days

   A little break from drawing out paper arms at the desk.  Everything over here is sort of wobbly at the moment and so I have started making a long chain of distractions for myself, and then some distractions from those distractions, as an added precaution.  The weather has been all ups and downs too; it fevered up past its hottest days of last summer, and then it spat hail and snow.
   It seems that somewhere, far out in the world, there has been creaking and rumbling, a slow, tectonic shifting of the plates distantly connected to the ground we stand on.  We are just waiting now to see where everything will settle, but one thing is certain: we will be moving in less than a month, though we don't know if it is a question of changing flats or countries.  So at the beginning of May our things will go into storage and we will go off visiting back home until we know more.  I don't care much where we end up.


  1. you seem distracted of life
    cut from your moorings
    i hope you settle soon

    take car

  2. hah.....take care

    maybe it is me, who is cut from her moorings.

  3. i'm back...visited your website....

    Communion.....i'm in love.

    extraordinary art....

  4. If you do move country, you have to make sure it's somewhere you can write lots of blogs about : ) I love the top photo; makes me nostalgic for the UK. There's a certain quality to the sunlight, isn't there?

  5. The wild Magnolia,
    Thanks for the well-wishing! I'm sure things will settle in the next few months... it's just this awkward and uncertain period of waiting (and homelessness) that's a bother.

    I'm so glad you liked Communion! I keep meaning to take a better photo of it, it looks a lot better in real life.

    Oh, I can write a blog any place, no worries about that! Weirdly, I try to live in a way I could live anywhere, so that I am always free to move someplace else. Though, buying old printing presses and lead type was a little out of this line of thinking!

    For me the most distinctive thing in the UK is just plants, the unique way they grow because of the climate here. I love all the gnarly trees and lichen and mosses and things. Of course the light is beautiful too!

  6. Snow and cold in the north and water restrictions in the south, such differences for one little island! A trip home is something to look forward to Jodie whilst you play the waiting game to see where life takes you next - enjoy the chain of distractions you think up over the coming weeks.

  7. I love the twisty, explorative roots of the trees in that top picture. I'm sure your roots will adapt wonderfully wherever life takes you next. Keep up the distractions and take care. x

  8. Reading your reply on Hita's comment : "I try to live in a way I could live anywhere, so that I am always free to move someplace else." ... I stopped reading here, thinking : "as long as you only buy mini mini mini etching presses!!!" and then discovered you had the same thought :D
    Wherever you go, we'll be with you, and wherever you end up, you'll paint and draw and etch. See you!

  9. At this point of uncertainty, I wish you well Jodi. I've found myself adrift on a couple of occasions. It can be unnerving, though sometimes a shake-up can send us in directions we may not have found for ourselves. One thing is sure. All the essential things you'll carry with you, including your extraordinary talent. Keep posting so that we can share the journey! Travel safely.

  10. Heisann!

    Hope the weather will be OK this week end, because on Sunday The Blogger's Sunday Walk of spring will take place! Hope you will join me, I will love to see where you go ;:OD)

  11. Thanks for all the sweet comments! Like some of you pointed out, it is lovely the way at least blog life stays constant... it's like having friends that you can carry from place to place. I do appreciate it a lot!

    As luck would have it, I've got plans to climb a mountain with friends on Sunday!

  12. your way of responding to tectonic shifts is magical, i have no qualms :). i love the path you present in the top photo, and i'm very excited to see those paper arms!!

  13. The top photo is lovely, a fairy tale dream. Good luck where ever you are!