Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Quiet Days

   A week or more ago I almost posted these photos and some other words, but went to sleep instead.  Now a fat moon is rising over the rooftops in front of me, blueberry and vanilla bean ice cream is being made in the kitchen, and I will try again.  Sometimes this computer just acts like two mirrors aimed at one another so that perfect living rooms and handmade dishes play out to infinity and it is better to sleep.

Oh, quiet days.  Some of them are spent only painting wings, feather by feather, as new paintings gestate in some secret place.  Most other days covering for people at work, counting the hours.  Everyone is on holiday.  And yet, all through the drudging hours I am secretly full of joy, pregnant with unmade paintings.

Yesterday we walked through the dark and gusting wind and pouring rain to listen to a free lecture.  I had wrapped a scarf around my head and shoulders to keep off the rain, since there was too much wind for an umbrella, and when I went inside and took the scarf off, all the dye turned my hands black.  Luckily that was the worst of it.


Enough shuffling about in shadowy winter, the sun pools in quiet places and lingers a little in the sky after the working day is through.   


  1. Oh, you're quite a bit ahead of us here with blooms already! Well, I wouldn't know as we're still covered in snow, could be something poking up looking for sun. Unusually warm - 55degrees today and sunny. Crazy. Hope the seagull brings you little ones to watch again this year!

  2. secretly full of joy!!
    perfect :)
    and blooming like crazy! wonderful!

  3. Glad you posted, great to see a bit of colour jumping out of the screen........

  4. Ah yes those ever so subtle changes in the seasons weave their magic over us. First signs of autumn here and I've been finding outgrown wing and tail feathers.

  5. You're painting wings feather by feather, now we're all pregnant with unseen treasures, thank you :) and one day in spring ...

  6. Valerianna,
    It is crazy to me to have spring so early. Growing up in Canada, February was always the worst month of the winter... and here I was photographing flowers this February. And all for the gulls, I'd say they are feeling the early spring as well, the rooftops are all a clatter with them!

    I always hope that joy will be contagious, so it's best to expose it to others (even the secret kind).

    Raggle Taggle,
    I'm very happy you liked it. And hello and welcome!!

    Oh that sounds lovely. I must get back over to your blog... I saw that you had a phenomenal post up there the other day, but I didn't get to see watch the videos or anything since I was just on my lunch break. I am thrilled to see this snoring dormouse you found!

    You always make me smile... and if I'm not wrong you have been busy sending your treasures out into the world lately!!

  7. I've just spent some time looking through your work, and it's beautiful!