Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thoughts of Fruit Grow on Bare Branches

   I keep meaning to write here.  The days get longer, the window ledges are overwhelmed by flowers, then life hands out gifts like a few days off work and paintings that come back from the framer looking lovely.  There are so many bright little moments in the day recently, that the hours pass almost too quick to catch.  It has been so warm here, we have been able to throw all the windows open until evening.  Though the one day that we decided to hike up a nearby mountain with a friend, it got very cold the night before and everything was dusted in the palest whisper of snow.  We brought our camera, but left the batteries at home.  I was sorry not to be able to capture a little bit of the frosted landscape stretching off around the foot of the hills, and the bare bog expanse of the wide top of the mountain with a few snowflakes falling.  It has been a while since we've been out picture-taking. 


   I have been trying to take advantage of these last, lingering dark evenings before they are altogether gone, and so I set about trying to piece together a little website.  I thought it might be nice to have a place where I could put my paintings and prints and things all together, so that anyone who might be interested would have an easier time of finding them.  If you visit the site and see anything amiss or something that could be improved, please do let me know.

   I think I can almost feel my legs growing longer and longer with the days, wanting to take bigger and bigger steps out into the world.  Spring, for me, is always the season of restlessness and wanderlust. 


  1. Hello Jodi, I'm really happy to see a website of your own, your work needs this ! Beautiful !! Lovely how ot fits with your blog. I like that picture of you, and in particular these words :
    "Her work explores the most delicate moments of our daily lives through the disparate metaphors of medieval imagery and the familiar but distant worlds of folk narrative."
    the most delicate moments of our daily lives through ...
    Yes !!!

  2. Great webstie, Jodi - I love the mysterious picture of you with the breath-cloud. I like seeing a bit more of your face, too, just cause it feels I know you more. The work looks great, glad to be able to find it in one place. I, too, love the words in you "about' page as Barbara does!

  3. jodi, i am so happy about your site! and i made some wonderful discoveries--i had never seen your watercolor and ink, the strings and leaves and the last ten are so beautiful! i like the description as well, and it's a lovely photo of you...

  4. How lovely to see these. The waves of your sea.

    Ours was frozen yesterday when I went to see it.

    And yes, the early spring sunshine makes me too very restless.

    Sunny Sunday greetings!

  5. Thank you Barbara, Valerianna, and Zoe for the kind words about the new website!! I am glad you all liked the words... actually my husband helped me out there. It's too awkward to write about yourself in the third person, I think.

    Anna, thanks for visiting! It is wonderful when waves freeze! I'm not sure it ever happens in Scotland, but I used to see it when I lived in Canada.

  6. Great idea to house your paintings and prints in their own viewing gallery Jodi.

    That third image is gorgeously serene, looks like the sky sea and beach have been concertina rippled.

  7. I've been over at the website looking at your paintings and etchings. You have such a unique vision. I love 'Spring Coming In'... it will stay with me for a long time... and 'Communion'. But all your work is beautiful, and so I'm just choosing favourites.

  8. Thanks Annie! That beach has a wonderful sense of infinity about it.

    Clive, thank you very much for your kind comments. It's funny you should mention those two paintings, because I just finally managed to get them framed the other day, so now it's like having two more windows where I live.
    I've been loving seeing everything come together for "The Soldier's Tale" on your blog. I hope all's well over your way!

  9. I have not been for long time here but your work on your other site is very interesting. I like the etchings a lot....