Monday, 10 October 2011

Pacing October

   And then I became filled with anxiety, wordless troubles, and restlessness.  Worries and aimlessness whirled around me like dead old leaves.  Boxes sat unpacked, plans were left unmade, and an aura of indistinctness hovered about these dusty rooms.  There was a swelling grief of unnamed things.

The only thing left to do was to retreat to the park and the woods on the outskirts of town. 

Eating apples on a park bench, drinking hot tea from a flask.  Walking until the night falls, heavy and inky.

At this time of year, early in the mornings and evenings the light is not yet lit in the hallway and staircase of our tenement.  It is necessary to enter the yawning building and feel along the wall in the pitch dark, stumble over to the first tattered step and then begin climbing up the flights of stairs, hoping the neighbour is home so that at the landing, by the doorstep, some light will shine down from the window above their door to make it easier to find the right key.

We are still possibly moving countries again in a few weeks time, though nothing is close to sure enough for us to have started preparing at all.  I paint a little and then worry that there is not enough time for the paint to dry before it will have to be packed up and sent away to wherever it is that we are going.

At least there are the woods and waves and howling winds.


  1. Wherever you'll go you have your heart, your talent, and your love with you and that is your home :X

  2. Heisann1

    Good to know you joined us walking on Sunday - I always take care of the 'left behind group', so this is no problem. I add your walk to the collection post:
    Please, spread the next date for a winter Blogger's Sunday Walk in January. The weather prognosis will determine the exact date!

    Thanks for walking ;:OD)

  3. Heisann -please read :
    Have some nice, last days in Scotland!
    ♥ly from Bjorg Nina

  4. great you joined "our" sunday walk as well!! It is interesting to see where other bloggers were walking.
    Greetings from NL

  5. I have a small Maglight flashlight as a key ring fob. It has come in handy many times in just such situations as you have -- climbing stairs in the dark, finding the keys, finding the keyhole. . . Don't know if they make them in the UK but maybe there's something similar.

  6. Beautiful. I look forward to knowing where you go, or if you stay, and I know wherever it is, you'll find all the exquisite beauty around you and show it to us! Many blessings!!

  7. Best wishes! How fortunate you are to know that you can find solace in natures loving arms.

  8. Your thoughts may be swirling but your images are quiet and beautiful. That orange leaf cupping rainwater made me catch my breath. Hope all turns out for the best with your plans.

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments... they're so cheering when things are stressful (and when things are not stressful too)! Hopefully something will get sorted out soon so there will at least not be so much uncertainty around here.
    Oh and WOL, a mini flashlight would be a very good solution, I'll have to look into that.

  10. i need a bridge like that :D
    i hope things are evening out now? have you decided on your next destination?

  11. Been a little while since I last looked in on you Jodi, I hope things are a little less stressful - remember how you felt about leaving Paris and look what was quietly awaiting your discovery. It will be the same in your next nest that you'll take us along to. More discoveries and wonder await you*!*

  12. Oh, all our plans keep falling through actually. I thought we would have moved by now, but now I'm not sure what we are doing at all!

    Oh well... like Annie was sort of saying, there are wonders everywhere. The trick is to focus on them.