Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A quick sketch in blurred photos.

   A small hello from the world beside my desk before starting on some copper plates.  The sunsets are creeping up and making it harder to catch a bit of daylight to work by.  The rooftops are emptier too, except for the occasional return of the gulls that hatched a few months ago.  These end of summer days roar by so quickly.  Yesterday we sat down on some driftwood at the seashore.  Some dolphins went leaping through the waves down the beach and back up it again, and the whole evening was gone, just like that.  Perhaps I need a little pad of paper with me so I can pin some of these moments down on the pages.  There is a stack of wood by the fireplace now, waiting for the cold nights. 


  1. Beautiful images, that very brave seagull chick is preparing for the good wild autumn seas to come. Yes, SOME copper plateS and long evenings at your desk :-)

  2. Great shots - I love the goofy look of young birds. Fun to be able to look out your window and see them!

  3. The gull chick in the first photo is the same one as in the second and third photos.... and also the first! The other three are a separate family. They are all as big as their parents now, only their feathers have not turned white yet.

    I think they will be well able for those wild seas! (Though I'll miss their capering on the rooftops.)

    And Barbara, yes, some copper plates! Three very, very small ones... less than 10cm on each side. *Fingers crossed!*

  4. beautiful...
    i wish some cooler weather was coming this way!
    can't wait to see what comes of those copper plates...
    (for some reason, i can't leave a comment if i sign in! no permission! :P)

  5. do i have permission again? :)

  6. Oh, I don't understand anything about blogger and its permission or lack of it... I'm glad to see you have permission again, but I haven't changed anything at all! I did a little search about this problem and read some vague thing saying maybe it's to do with the way your browser deals with cookies? Sorry I can't come up with anything better. I'd, of course, give you permission all the time if I could!

  7. I love these pictures, especially the first. It captures the moment of taking off so well!