Monday, 15 August 2011

The oceans of my shoes, the rivers of my back.

   In the woods yesterday we happened to meet some builders of leafy houses, gathering ferns and sticking them into place just so.  We said hello and passed on, finding the skeletons of a few more houses further down the way, left over from other days, I guess.  We peeked into some mossy corners of the forest, where my friend had seen good mushrooms growing before.  But between the rain showers and the mad sun, we had another purpose, and it grew low to the ground, in the heathery bog up a hill. 

The darkest, sweetest wild blueberries. 

   With bellies already full of raspberries from down in the woods, we set about collecting bottles full of blueberries to bring home to husbands who had to be at work or write dissertations.  The berries were ripe, overripe, falling between our fingers to the ground sometimes when we tried to pick them.  The rain returned and we persevered, wandering off in separate directions, calling back at each other through the downpour.  When the rain finally came pelting down in a sheet we sat in a dry place beneath some trees to wait it out.

  It was possible to see all the way to the sea past Aberdeen (just there on the right).  It looked for a moment as though the sun might stay out for a while, but it was not to be.  As we walked down the path, which had become a river, the rain started up again.  By the time we were in the woods, the sky had grown so dark, that the shadows under the trees had darkened into a sort of false night.  Even though it was not cold we could see our breath in the moist air.

   We decided to go off in search of a statue that looked like a round wooden room with no roof.  On the way we encountered many mushrooms, only one of which was edible (a nice cep).  My camera was having a bit of trouble with the weather, so these photos of beautiful, but poisonous, mushrooms come from another walk in another wood, a week or so ago.  You'll have to imagine the gloom of the rain dark forest on them. 

   It was a lovely day altogether, even beyond the afternoon in the woods.  We woke early (for a Sunday) to walk down to the Aberdeen Art Fair in the city music hall (where I had a print showing) to see the work of a friend.  Then there was tea and melon in the sun, and cupcakes for dessert.  Late in the day there were bowls of fresh wild blueberries, work on tiny drawings, and another fine rainbow at the window before the evening came and the full moon rose. 


  1. When I read your posts, I often wonder if others who pass the same way as you have any notion what a wonderland it is they inhabit. It is a joy to accompany you.

  2. I wonder what wonderlands they inhabit too... I like the idea of universes colliding.

    Thank you for the lovely comment!

  3. mmmm, universes colliding. i like that.
    but i have also always wondered--how many times am i passing and missing the things you make so beautiful and poetic here?
    i hope never! just reading a post here makes my eyes open to the world :)

  4. Gorgeous! You've just reminded me we never went out picking fraughan berries here and now it's too late. Oh well, I enjoyed coming with you, instead! Thank you. :-)

  5. I could almost smell the blueberries and the mushrooms... And the rainy gloom is very well imaginable :)
    The last photo touched my heart especially - with the old building with the rainsow above it, and all the instruments laid out, it might well be an illustration to some Andersen's tale.

  6. Zoe, I am sure that you of all people do not miss much! Reading your blog is always an adventure too. I love how the world seems to grow larger and more colourful with all of these different realities that people share in their writings.

    Ciara, oh that's too bad! Sorry and happy at once to remind you, since they are a nice thing to think of, after all. It was nice to learn a new name for these berries too. Thanks!

    Lecte, what a lovely comment... especially because it's wonderful to think about living in an Andersen tale!

  7. oh, this is amazing!!! You wrote " yesterday we happened to meet some builders of leafy houses, gathering ferns...." I love all kind of fairy houses
    Look here , some of my posts are about fairy tree houses in "my magical" forest !!!

    (I am now your follower!!!)

  8. Glad to have you following!!! And now I'll just be off to go and have a look at the houses in your neck of the woods...