Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Hush and a Roar

   This morning we walked stones circles with friends before work.  The nights have been full of sideways sheets of rain and winds that gnaw the sides of the buildings.

 I have been trying to pretend the summer isn't over, loyally wearing a summer dress in wind and rain and eight-degree temperatures, so as not to offend August (even as she blows my umbrella inside out). 

We had to work on Saturday and so we missed our friend's last year of piping in the Lonach march.  But on Sunday night we went out into the wild weather to see his band troupe up and into a small stone church at the start of its service, so that it was overflowing with wild piping and the granite was racked with music.  And then at the end we followed them off down the hill, into the rain.

There is something a bit magical about marching through the countryside.

In the church I heard a man say it was wrong, but I love the world, and I love it dearly.  As the first crisp, shivery bits of autumn set in I find I love everything ten times more.  This evening stirring cocoa on the stove, cool crisp air came in at the window, bringing voices from the street, and from another direction a single pair of high heels ringing hollowly on the pavement, and it came back to me just how much I look forward to hearing these sounds on autumn nights.

Saturday, after working in the market all day, selling things in the chill and rain, I came home and lit the fire.  All evening I worked at my copper plates amid the crackling and popping, as if I were in an engine room at the boiling centre of everything.

     Summer and autumn are running zigzags past each other.  I noticed the other day that our calendar rather strangely and abruptly runs out of pages after August.  How funny to see it written so plainly that we are reaching out, out into uncharted waters now.  The lease is almost up as well, and there are so many decisions to make.  Time to gather acorns, I suppose.


  1. I love Autumn, too, and it seems to have been dragged in with the hurricane yesterday as today is cool and crisp and I debated putting on wool socks tonight, still might! I wonder where you'll be next... wherever you go, or if you stay put, I hope you'll have a fire to keep you warm.

  2. Everything is always so lovely here, your thoughts, your lyrical vision, with a pinch of magic.

  3. When the band marches off up the road after church, are they piping? Following piping would be wonderful indeed. I dearly love the sound of well-played pipes. Wish I could box up some of our hot and dry and trade it for some of your cold and damp. Our predicted high was 101F/38C. Right now it's 103F/39C. It's supposed to cool down to 95F/35C later in the week.

  4. really? will you go somewhere else?
    autumn is my favorite....i don't think we'll see it for another several months, though :P

  5. The world needs to be loved the way you love it.

  6. Valerianna, I hope that the hurricane didn't bring too much trouble your way. I remember how much everyone would wait for a storm to bring some cool weather in summers back home... but I am sure no one would ever wish for one like that!
    I'm hoping for a nice hearth too... I guess we'll see where we end up!

    Craftsman, thank you very much! It's always wonderful to hear that.

    WOL, yep... still piping! Rain or shine apparently. It was really lovely... and I think I'll be hearing some more of my friend piping along with his band at the Braemar highland games tomorrow where they play to the queen. I'm looking forward to that too!

    Hi Zoe, it looks like we might go someplace else, but nothing is one hundred percent sure at the moment... so that leaves about a month to decide and find a new place and move everything and all the millions of tiny things that go along with that. Eek! Plus my husband's dissertation is due before the end of September. Seems like we just got here really, ah well.
    Anyway, the leaves are already changing over here... it's my favourite season too, so at least there's that to think about.

    Barbara, your comments always make me smile.

  7. I love your description of working at your copper plates. I wish you lots of luck with finding your way through the uncharted waters.

  8. Beautiful as ever. :-)

    Autumn has arrived here too, we have even been gathering tiny baby conkers already. Although your lovely line about " Summer and autumn are running zigzags past each other" is so true of here too. I left the house in woolies yeaterday and by lunchtime it was in the high 20's, like a summer's day! Phew!

    But rain, rain, autumnal rain this morning.

    I love Autumn!