Monday, 4 July 2011


   At our house, the long daylight hours of June were etched into copper and then pressed deep into rich, heavy paper.  Seagull cries from the rooftop world just outside the window were frozen, fossil-like, in the metal plate, and the strange landscape of my Aberdeen was written out in a sort of medieval iconography, full of tottering allegories and loving details.

Marginalia, etching, 15 x 20cm

A foreigner's city portrait, for a place that is more used to landscapes.

   It all started around the beginning of June, when a little card arrived one morning in the post announcing that there would be a printmaking festival  in Aberdeen in July and calling for work to be submitted.

So I started sketching and drawing and redrawing...

...and finally this print (and two others, older ones) will be among the prints on display in the Claremont Studio until the end of July. 

    I also have three prints in the 10th Lessedra World Art Print Annual Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria (which started in June and goes until the end of August).  Its an enormous show of miniprints with people from over 50 countries participating.  They've made a separate page for each artist in the show, mine is here.  I've really been enjoying looking through the works, and I can't wait to receive a copy of the catalogue.

   Looking at the work of the artists who participated in the Lessedra show last year made me want to be in the show myself this year.  And I am a little in love with Bulgaria, and really enjoyed visiting Sofia a few years ago, so having my work on display over there is especially sweet.  
   But Aberdeen is proving to be a splendid city to be in this summer as well, with two printmaking festivals on during the month of July!  I'm hoping that tomorrow I will be able to get around to see what is going on in the different galleries.  From what I saw when I was handing in my prints, the other works should be lovely.



  1. All I can say is - Wow!!
    It's really marvellous Jodi! :)

  2. I love the allegories tottering and details lovingly made. Congrats on the showings and I look forward to more of your sublime art! And your city looks very lovely too.

  3. What a fabulous talent you have - I love your quirky medieval style. Good luck with the showing.

  4. Mermaid stole my word, so I'll repeat it - stunning!

  5. Well, maybe "stole" isn't the right word, lets just say I agree with Mermaid!

  6. Thank you for your sweet words everybody! I really appreciate them.

  7. wow.... so many magical details. loving it !

  8. Beautiful work, Jodi. All the strange details but still a beautiful quietude in this work. I am very very happy for you participating in those shows :-) Wish you good luck !

  9. Oh this is just stunning, Jodi! Really beautiful.
    Wish I could see them in person. :-)

  10. I like, I like very much. Has the wonder and magic of Bosch which always draws me to look closer.

    Looking in on you this morning Jodie has been even more of a visual treat as I've just come up for air after having my nose stuck in a couple of medieval novels.

    Wishing you success in the exhibitions*!*

  11. wow, this is my favorite work of yours, ever! can a print be bought from across the pond?? please?

  12. Your Aberdeen unnerves me, as the grotesqueries of Bosch and of medieval marginalia always do. But it is a beautifully delineated place, all the more arresting for being recognisably - just - old Aberdein.