Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Strolling the River

   I thought I would take a break from the rainy night and drawing out crowds of grotesques and flowered borders.  I thought I might drink some tea and paste up pictures of a tea drinking spot by the river where we propped ourselves on some rocks, our feet just above the water and drowned leaves. 

We walked out of the city and through a wood, until we found horses to picnic with and hills to run sliding down in the wrong shoes, since we weren't expecting to walk so far when we set out.  We found a trapeze artist's bridge across the river and a narrow path to wind through grass and flowers on.

A heron swooped past, going up river.

   Further on, anise-scented forests grew.  Purple flower blankets were spread out over the soil, and white blossoms stood waist-high.  Being lost in a green place on a sunny afternoon is a great pleasure, and must be relished.

Especially when there are the sweetest smelling wild roses to be found and strange faces peek out of the undergrowth.

    I am continually charmed by this city where one can stroll a little too long and find cows or dolphins, depending on the way one points their feet.  I treasure that.


  1. Wow, what a lovely adventure... I'm quite intrigued by that trapeze artist's bridge, oh my, is it really that?

  2. Lovely words and photos as always. That fourth picture is particularly magical.

  3. Beautiful words, and stunning images! Thanks for taking us with you again!

  4. Oh, it's just an old pedestrian suspension bridge that has fallen on hard times (too bad too, because it would be nice to cross the river there). It's called the "shakkin briggie" though, so maybe it was always a tottering adventure to cross. I would love for it to really be a trapeze bridge though... would it have been nicer to say it really was one?

    Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!

  5. What a fabulous walk. I'd love to find anise-scented forests.