Thursday, 28 April 2011

Westward, northward, and over the fields of blue.

   In a few hours I'll be headed back out to sea (after a meander through the Highlands and a night in an old re-purposed train carriage car).  It's the long weekend of May Day, and in addition, we peasants have a Friday holiday thanks to the royal wedding, and so we are off to the Orkney Islands with friends. 

    This Friday I will sadly be missing the opening of the Aberdeen Artists' Society 77th Annual Exhibition in the beautiful Aberdeen Art Gallery, but some of my mummers will be dancing through it in their wintry Romanian costumes.  The exhibit, which is free, will run from the 30th of April to the 28th of May, if anyone reading this happens to be passing through Aberdeen.  I am really looking forward to seeing what else is in the show.  When I went to drop off my things, I was completely overwhelmed -- the room was brimming with the many, many artworks that had been submitted, and I grew flushed and sheepish.  But the doorman wished me good luck and that must have clinched it for me.

   And now I'm off to stuff my little rucksack full!  Passing good luck wishes on to you...

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  1. great photo!
    have a glorious weekend... i'm off to explore your links!