Sunday, 6 February 2011

To a pomegranate, the sun sets here.

Sunset running into the spaces between fingers, above the wrist. 
The small shudder and crack of a pomegranate opening.

The sky yawns cold blue clouds
as a sigh of red leaps across the room.

Bending down, picking up
the reddest of rubies from the dirty carpet.

A moment later,
a last precious seed is found
casting its small shadow across 
the tabletop.


  1. Jodi,
    These....Amazing images,Amazing title, amazing words....
    they steal my heart with their beauty!
    Everytime i'll see a pomegranate, your sunset will make me smile.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it... I'm very happy to think that somewhere in the future you might smile and think back.

  3. Oh yes i will!.....

    Jodi, i found it incredible, the way you bring about so much poetry,
    i love the images you sprinkle in the air with such an ease.
    Your titles alone makes me so ecstatic!
    They glide and hover in my brains!