Monday, 10 January 2011

A flicker of light where a day ran past.

   Short days of tiny wanderings.  A visit to a medieval churchyard, built circular so that there were no corners for the devil to hide in.  A delicious dinner in an old stone house where a family of enormous peacocks, that arrived one day from who knows where, roosts high in a tree.  Some days I spend all my hours happily at our new table (a lucky find by the curb on a late night wander) in a beam of sunlight, working on etchings until the the sun runs off the edge of the sky and the light fails.  An exercise in patience lately, and nothing more, thanks to chemical problems and cold rooms.  I try to console myself with thoughts of Buddhist monks making complicated mandalas that they will  destroy after.  It's so hard not to think of time as wasted when there is nothing to show for a week's work, but even I must admit, it is a very good lesson to remember to make living the true artwork.


  1. What an incredibly beautiful place !!! Thank you for sharing this, Jodi.
    And lovely light and colors in your photographs!
    "An exercise in patience lately, and nothing more, thanks to chemical problems and cold rooms." Ah, well :)) I think I can imagine what kind of things you mean, but I believe no time spent to creative art processes is ever wasted !!! so much learning takes place, also on levels we're not aware of, I believe.

  2. Jodi,
    You've such a beautiful blog, i've just popped in almost by accident.
    i love your words and images.

  3. Heisann!

    These gray and rustic graveyards make me feel as a part of nature, a feeling of mysterious magic!
    Hugs ;:OD)

  4. Oh Barbara, I hope you are right! Things seem to be coming along a little better now (though this is the fifth time I've drawn everything out on this copperplate!). Glad you liked the photos, it's so beautiful there. I was told that about halfway up the hill in the background is a healing well.

    Col, thanking you for stopping by and leaving a sweet message. I'm so glad you liked what you saw!

    Vilt, Scotland has lovely graveyards... I always find them beautiful and often take photos if I have my camera, but I usually don't post them here, so I don't seem like I'm a ghoul always creeping about in cemeteries. ;)

  5. another gorgeous post. you always put me in the right mind ;) thanks...