Tuesday, 9 November 2010

This world is laying out splendours for you, even now.

   A rainy morning, a few hours of window box living.  Looking up from drawing to pass through the jungle of herbs on the windowsill.  Drawing and watching the red creeping plants on the roofs of the sheds behind the house.  Laundry twists and wreathes on the line caught in the rain and gales.  The wind comes in for a visit, using the chimney like a door, and wiping sooty feet on the hearth.
    Another cup of tea.  A cloud of birds sweeps in and stands on every bit of roof and antenna, all facing the same direction, not moving at all.  Then they are up as one, and swinging through the sky in skewed directions, all reddish wings and crested heads, eyes fiercely hunting the reddest of berries.

    Steam curling up from the poured out kettle, little ghost dances in the dull day's light.  Little gasps of fresh air sneaking in around the windows.  I count the hours in pencil scratch rhythms, sometimes even then laying out plans on still un-bought paper.  I try not to let my mind wander to people far away.  No, just up, up with the whirring and whirling of wind and feathers and tiny fisted claws.


  1. Jodi this post is a beautiful package of wistfulness and slowness... a mellowing of the time of year over there. I can imagine the ticking of a clock as I read your words.
    I love weathered scenes of rooftops like this. The colours all soft with nothing yelling out for attention. My favourite spot in the house I grew up in was the kitchen. It had an old fashioned range where I loved to park my bum on it's edge a mug of tea in my hand and gaze out of the window over next doors roof to glimpse some trees in the near distance. Flapping washing on the line which stretched the entire length of our little yard. There's something about slate roofs and birds with fisted claws and the wind visiting uninvited through the chimney. Smiles to you*!*

  2. I love that image of the waxwings. I know well how they can be so silent and still and then suddenly rise up in union. What a beautiful post. Thanks so much for your lovely comment over at my blog today. So glad it brought me here!


  3. Very pretty, enjoyed your landscapes with the sea and houses. I can almost smell how it is there, the salty wind and the stone houses.

    Thank you for being part of my small winter game!

    Tuesday teacups!

  4. Thank you three for looking in and leaving your lovely comments to make me smile!