Monday, 4 October 2010

Some sea sits on the windowpane on cold nights.

The days have been blowing by faster and faster.  I keep meaning to post, and then the wind starts roaring up against the building, and the stars twinkle in through the window, and before long I am down by the misty shore listening to the roaring and groaning of the ocean, transfixed by the countless white fingers of the tide that fall back just before my shoes.  Before the moon rises, the white caps of the waves seem to shine with their own light.  The three lighthouses down the coast send their lights soaring out, jumping spaces, measuring.   On the walk to the sea, this grey city of many steeples and old towers seems to hang suspended in the twilight, fat yellow clocks like peering eyes in the dusk.  A ferris wheel sits next to the beach, frozen and delightfully garish.
   But the only pictures I have for you today are from a daytime trip out to a nearby fishing town, where we listened to a man who is building himself a beautiful wooden fishing boat in a traditional way.  We strolled past walls of piled up lobster creels and then found the little garden you see above.  Maybe you can see the little sign in the bottom right-hand corner.  It asks you if you can spot "3 fairy houses, 4 gnomes, 4 meerkats.... " and the list goes on for quite a while.

*   *   *

   October has always been my favourite month, and this October marks nine years since I first met my husband.  We met at eighteen; he lived across the hall from me.
   Also, this October I have two prints at the 78th Salon d'art in Etampes (it's a city not too far from Paris).  The man who taught me about etching, Mada Abderrahmane, is being featured there, and has invited 17 other etchers (one of whom is me) from the Atelier de Gravure de Belleville in Paris, where he teaches.  The show opened Sunday morning, and by early afternoon I had received an email saying that one of my prints had already sold! The show runs from October 3rd to 17th, if you should find yourself in the area.

    Other than that, my days have been full of strange and sundry things, bagpipe makers, eating oatcakes made on an open fire, planning, drawing, a day to celebrate the culture of the Travelling People of Scotland, watching the sky at sunset, leaves turning on lovely old trees, stargazing in the park.


  1. Double congratulations Jodie - I hope you sold more prints and wish you and your hubby many more happy years.

    Love the imagery of your title line. I get the feeling your new surrounds are having a positive affect on your creativity. Smiles to you*!*

  2. congratulations on your fresh october! and on your sale as well! beautiful, poetic have such a way with language!

  3. You write lovely descriptions. Congrats on print sale.

  4. Heisann Jodi!

    You sent the weather over the North sea to me!
    The walls are shaking because of the wind that howls around the corner of the house and the rain beat against the window. Yesterday had glorious weather, but now it's what we call real autumnal "ruske" weather.
    Today I planed to bring with me canvas to the job because two friends and I'll paint after work. We call ourselves Fingernemme Fruer. It will probably only be sketches from my hand this afternoon, of the Mara (folklorefigure)-perhaps a something for IF, Spooky, this week!
    Look forward to hear more from Scotland and your etching: CONGRATULATIONS ;:OD)

  5. Thanks so much for all the congratulations and comments everyone!!!

    Ah ha! Vilt, now I understand why the wind's been mostly calmer around here! There have even been some blue skies.
    Sounds nice to be out sketching plein air -- I have plans to do the same on Saturday! I've just read your IF spooky entry in google reader, I'll head over and comment there...