Monday, 26 July 2010

IF: Double

   It is said that if you should happen to meet your double when you are out walking, you will not be long for this world.
   One morning, back when I was in university, I was sitting in a Literature and Psychoanalysis class listening to a lecture which had something to do with doppelgängers.  Our professor asked us to really consider the frightfulness of the idea, to turn and look at the person sitting next to us and imagine them as our mirror image.  Strangely, on this day there was not much imagining necessary for me... the person sitting next to me happened to be a boy with the exact same shade of reddish hair, who in every way rather looked like I would have looked had I been born male.  Since I had never noticed him before, and in Toronto there are people from everywhere, the odds of this weird likeness seemed small.  We both looked away quickly.  A creepy, uneasy feeling hovered around me for the rest of the day.
   For this week's Illustration Friday topic, nothing stuck out in my mind more than the old idea of meeting one's double in a lonely place... my imagination just runs a way with this.  Before I started this post, I thought I'd read a little about doubles, and the wiki for doppelgänger proved rather interesting, with an account of a scientific experiment that has induced people to report seeing their doubles, as well as stories of important historical figures and their doppelgängers.  Goethe seems to have been the only one to find this idea to be a comforting one.

*   *   *

   Other than that, I've just noticed that Zoe of Zoe in Wonderland has been so kind as to write a little about Yew Tree Nights, over on her blog.  I've been following her postings since before I started writing here, and am always impressed by her thoughts on the art she writes about, and also by the art she creates herself.  She has such an interesting way of seeing things, and is truly an inspiration. Have a look!


  1. The painting brings to mind the story of Changing Woman...

  2. i love this! their hair, the colors, great painting!

  3. :) and thanks for your sweet words :)

  4. Heisann Jodi!

    You have made a wonderful illustration on the theme, and your story is fun to read.
    I will have a look at Zoe's blog. Have fine days ahead ;:OD)

  5. Hi Jodie, it's a great word isn't it, I love the images the word brings to mind. I like how they are running into one another and not away from one another. That would have been a spooky moment when you and the boy turned and looked at one another ... wonder if the lecturer had already spotted your likeness.

    I'll go say hello to Zoe now*!*