Sunday, 11 July 2010

IF: Diary

   Perhaps ten years ago my grandfather came across the diary of one of his relatives who had died some time before.  I looked through it too, and for every day there was a one line entry, briefly relating details such as the weather, people who had paid a visit, and other everyday matters.  But by far and wide, the most attention was given to the amount of eggs that their chickens had laid.
   I decided that I would illustrate not just any 'diary' for this week's Illustration Friday topic, but the diary of this woman.  Since I don't know anything about her besides the contents of her diary, it seemed to me that her life could be measured in eggs instead of days.  I hope that doesn't seem too unfair... if someone were to draw my diary, it would be very easy: empty pages... so it's not meant as a judgment.

  This illustration started as a way to pass the time while my husband was napping in the space between work and a Friday evening out.  However, there was a drawing gum malfunction which tore the top layer off my paper, just before I had finished painting.  So what you see here is a line for line reproduction -- happily, it went faster the second time around.

*   *   *

   Also, I'd like to thank everyone who commented on my last post.  I was really touched by your stories and perspectives more than I can say in words.

   I was thinking, as a way to sort of move along from that post, that for the next seven days I would post about places I've visited that have really affected me.  Places that seemed to me more than just the sum of their parts.

   And before I head off into sleep, here is a photo -- snapped yesterday, I think -- of the new pigeons (the proper word for them is squabs, apparently!) that I've been watching for the past couple of weeks.  Now that they are alone in the nest most of the day, it's much easier to get a look at them. 


  1. what a cool post! and an interesting and beautiful interpretation of "diary!" i look forward to hearing about your journeys...

  2. A life measured in eggs... what an intriguing thought! I love your interpretation of this topic.

  3. Somehow, counting life in chicken eggs seems kind of simple and satisfying. Interesting picture.

  4. This is wonderful! I also like the idea of life measured in eggs. I have chickens and it is my son's chore to feed them and pick up eggs every morning. I am always asking him "How many eggs today?" :)

  5. Heisann!

    Your relative should by honored - remembered by a wonderful illustration of eggs and a hen. It is fertility, all round. I have as many know, "the sense of hens". Do you say so in English? ;:OD)

  6. Thanks and welcome!

    Vilt, I've never heard that saying before... what does it mean?

  7. I like the illustrated tale of the egg diary, I knew someone who kept a rain diary he wasn't a farmer or a gardener and I imagine his pages would have been quite bare until the summer rain months.

    You are so lucky to be able to look out of your window onto that little nest of life. I have a pair that nest at the side of my house where they are not overlooked by windows. They place their haphazard nest of twigs amongst honeysuckle and jasmine vines I have to be content with seeing them come and go and listen out for their little cooing calls*!*

  8. It *was* really lovely having the pigeons here. They left the nest a couple of days ago... it was plain enough they were starting to get restless in there... and then one morning there was only one left, and then none.
    There's still lots of cooing and Ya-hoo-ing in the neighbourhood (we couldn't stop laughing the first time we heard that... pigeons in Canada don't shout yahoo at all).