Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Day

    Just a quick hello today to wish a Happy first of May!
   In France it's traditional to give a bouquet of muget (lily-of-the-valley) today because, given on this day they are a 'porte-bonheur', a lucky charm.  On street corners and near the stairs going down to the métro people will be selling these flowers by the bunches today, as it is a public holiday and, for once, French laws relax a little and anyone can sell them without a license, but for today only.  So there will be lily-of-the-valley pushed through the button holes of jackets, tiny bunches in long hair, children walking around with them in bouquets, and here and there a forgotten flower laying on the street.


  1. what a beautiful tradition! and thank you for the lucky charm today ;)

  2. Lovely, lots of happy faces receiving and giving*!*

  3. Heisann!

    I like this tradition, but no chance to introduce it in Norway, we still wait for them to come.
    Have a nice eventing ;:OD)