Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Geese and Grey Days

   The hours and minutes are still rumbling and flashing by, but I have been trying to make the best of them.  Today I have a tiny piece of time to write before we all fold ourselves into my in-laws' car and head off to Brittany to stay for a few days in my husband's grandmother's house which sits by a beach watching the sea.  Then everything will be out of my hands.
   But for now, I'll show you the painting I finished a couple of days ago. 

 Communion (click to make larger)

Again, the photo isn't very good.  It's been rainy here and so there's a white glare/fog and the colours appear rather more grey than the real thing, but I wanted to post it here before I went away. 
   This was another painting that sat around for much longer than it should have without being worked on.  I managed to dig out some photos from the very beginning stages of the painting... from early November of last year, it turns out.

 (under-painting from last November)

And though I started painting then, I know the inspiration for the image came from the time I spent last August in Ukraine, and I can't say exactly how long the impulse for it has been kicking around.  So, now that it's done, it's as if there is one less thing needling me from behind.  I thought I'd sleep a bit easier once it was done, but the night I finished it I spent the whole night tossing and turning, and when I did sleep I dreamt of painting.

   But I had better keep this short.  I also wanted to mention that I will be showing a few etchings, along with some other people I know, at La Nuit de l'Estampe Contemporaine which runs from 2pm-12am on the 25th of May at la place Saint-Sulpice (and is free!).  

Just look for the stand of the Atelier de Gravure de Belleville and you will probably find me shyly mistaking the genders of my nouns, and forgetting to employ the subjunctive, and possibly worse if I am nervous.
   And now to get ready for a long weekend by the ocean! The springtimes of my childhood spent swimming in Canadian lakes just after the ice had melted will no doubt serve me well.


  1. wow, jodi! i love your style of painting--those gees have so much character! especially the one looking head-on in the close-up. this is a beautiful painting, i hope one day to be able to master color-blending the way you have.

    congratulations on the show! i wish i were anywhere close-by, but i hope to hear about it at least, here?
    and something of this ukraine trip you took...?

  2. Hi Jodi, I love the softness of this painting, the leafless tree connecting the two wooden buildings and the geese gathering around the old lady ... I wonder what she's saying to them, who's for my pot? perhaps.

    Hope your stay at the house that watches the sea was restful and not too cold.

    And congratulations on the upcoming show*!*

  3. Heisann!

    Have a nice and calm time by the sea.
    Thanks for sharing the new painting - I find it very involving if I vcan say so!
    Tvi - tvi for the show ;:OD)

  4. This is truly it! Will visit again!

  5. Hi everyone, I'm so glad you guys liked the painting... thanks for the lovely comments and well-wishing for the show! The being by the sea was so wonderful... but everything's been crazy busy since we got back and I've had no time for anything at all. Still, better to be busy than have nothing to do, I suppose!

    Oh and Art4sol, a big welcome to you!