Thursday, 29 April 2010

Flutterings and scrapings

   I am moving to last year's pigeon nest, the one that sits empty in the tree outside my window.  It has been my husband's springtime fever and my listlessness during the day, and at night his slow sleeping breathing while my mind races through long stretches of brambly thoughts, though sometimes to still pools of ideas.  It is impossible though, everything is made of nothing.  The uncertainty of where we'll go means that everything I touch is filled with doubt.  Only beginnings are assured.

   If I could slip out of here into that sky though, for a while, for the month of May maybe... lie in lilacs...

...and make the chimneys and the branches my landscape, instead of tired old streets.

   So I could be close and still far away.  Like the thrush who watches through the window some days.  Like the birds that made their nest in the ivy last year... who lived inside their arch-roofed palace of green, at once so big and so small, so close by and almost unseen.


  1. the photos (those lilacs!) and the lyricism of your prose makes it difficult to see your current uncertainty as anything but the pure and purposeful poetry that somehow it is. when you are able to see from the bird's eye view everything that you are struggling with now, it will seem so the meantime, thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts and images!

  2. Heisann!
    Beautiful words and beautiful photos - I join Zoes point of view, let us go with you in your thoughts!
    Have a nice weekend ;:OD)

  3. I'm nodding my head in agreement with Zoe's comment. A lovely post.

    Sometimes when restless thoughts and feelings threaten to overwhelm us it's difficult to recognise such times as necessary moments to listen to ourselves... new beginnings do eventually take us to where we want to be, a nest of your own is waiting for you both.

  4. Thanks for all your comments everyone!

  5. Heisann Jodi!
    Happy first of May to you too!
    We have really bad weather, strong wind and rain...for the moment.
    Yes, all the illustrations, drawings, graphics, photos and so on are mine if nothing else is said, of course, the masterpieces don´t always need any presentations -I belive!