Monday, 19 April 2010

Days That Sit Like Paintings

   Over here, I'm in the middle of a painting spell.  This week and next week are vacation weeks for Parisians, so the etching studio I go to is closed, and I'm busy trying to finish up some paintings that have been sitting idle for too long.  Hopefully I'll have something new to show here soon.

   On Saturday we set everything aside and went to a wedding.  In the evening, there was a dinner in a sort of industrial area north of Paris.  We arrived too early, and decided to stroll about since we were the only people around.  As we walked along a little path with grass on either side, I spied what I thought was a small black dog up ahead.  My husband and his uncle were caught up in a conversation.  As we came closer I realized it was a hen sitting next to the sidewalk, just like that, in the middle of all the big uniform buildings and roads.  I felt like we were in Chagall's Les Mariés de la Tour Eiffel for a moment.

   As we came up to her, the chicken got up and walked a little ways away; she seemed in good health.
   Even stranger than finding a lone hen in a place like that was the reaction of my husband's uncle: he carried on like there was nothing the least bit out of the ordinary, maybe like he couldn't even see the bird at all.  So, I felt like I couldn't say anything either.  The rest of the evening continued in this vein, though I wish I could have gone on in the painting instead.  

   Spring is marching on too.  Now there are wisteria, and violets, and lilacs.  Any time now the horse chestnuts will be in bloom, which I love since I live near a street which is lined up and down with only horse chestnuts... it's lovely at night too when the magnified shadows of their huge leaves fall across the sidewalk as big as kitchen tables.  Yesterday an absolutely huge bumblebee flew in through an open window.  Not the striped kind we have in Canada, it looked like a small black bear with an orange bum.  I was delighted to see it whirring around noisily before it left out the window again.

   Tonight I hope we will go to the park and watch the sunset over the Seine.  I have been hearing about how the last time there was a volcanic eruption like the one in Iceland, there were twenty years (edit: two years!) of uncommonly beautiful sunsets.  Hopefully we will be so lucky as that.


  1. A lovely spring evening of a post Jodi :)

  2. Wouldn't that have been a wonderful painting to step right on into, hen under your arm.

    Hope you got to see a beautiful sunset*!*