Friday, 19 February 2010

An Evening

   The night is falling and I'm sitting here eating rosemary bread while the hyacinths on the table unleash a riot of perfume on the apartment.  It was a lovely sunny day, birds sang and it felt like spring, but I wasn't quite up to it.  Yesterday I started listening to a Russian tape while washing clothes.  I can now say 'excuse me' and tell two lies in Russian.  I don't know 'hello' yet. 

   There are church bells out the window now, and I guess I have been just sitting here looking at the screen.  There was a death in my family two weeks ago.  Since then things like that have been happening, strange frozen moments.  I'm almost afraid to touch things sometimes, as if it were me who died.

   I want to go to the North of France and see the parades and carnivals... and most of all the giants.  I love that each giant has a a real story around it -- a birthday and ancestors and eventually children, even a baptism date.  We missed the big parade in Dunkirk last weekend, but there are lots of smaller festivals in other towns in the next little while.  The Federation of Giants of Northern France has a list of all the giants (well, all the ones which are members of their association anyway), and you can click on their names to see a photo and get a few details about each one (in French).  There's another list with photos of more giants here.  I'll have to find a train.

   Well, tonight is for making sushi and drawing I think.  

   Edit: I was apparently mistaken -- it was a night for sushi and an unexpected guest!

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