Monday, 8 February 2010

The Legend of the Surami Fortress

        A couple of weeks ago, I came across The Legend of Surami Fortress in a little shop that was having a sale -- and I absolutely love it.  It's a gorgeous film which is filmed as a series of beautiful tableaux and is based on a Georgian folk tale.  Someone has apparently put it all up on youtube if anyone is interested, though it would be far lovelier to watch it in a theatre, of course.  It's the kind of movie that can transport you to another place -- perfect for watching while the evenings are still long. 


  1. Heisann!

    I just saw yor comments on my blog "Livet i Lia" (the life in the hillside), because this is our "time off house". I realize that I must drop in from time to time to to see if someone has left a message. I will watch the interesting movie The Legend of Surami Fortress to the end later. I must go to bed now. Students in theatre-production hopefully are waiting for me at school tomorrow morning.
    Thank you for saying hello!

  2. hello again... before getting to bed:
    My main blog is

  3. Hi again!

    I hope you liked the movie, and you're probably right not to watch it when you're too tired -- it the sort of film where you wouldn't know when you'd stopped watching and started dreaming.

    I'm heading over to your blog now!