Monday, 30 November 2009

Home again home again...

     Yesterday morning I woke up in Tokyo, by evening it was Moscow, and we went to bed back in Paris. The world is a crazy place, indeed. 
     We went back to Japan, my husband and I, to go to a wedding in a town beside the fishing village where we used to live. It was so lovely to see the sea and again have the tree-covered mountains closing us in on all other sides. Too gorgeous all the little houses of wood with their tile roofs, and all the rivers running to everyplace. In the summer the rivers are full of the scatterings side-to-side of tiny fresh water crabs. I used to find crabs everywhere -- sitting in the branches of the trees behind the house, peeking up at me from the gutters, once a scuttling sound from behind the fridge revealed a frightened crab that had somehow made its way into the kitchen. Small details. I had to fight hard not to cry on the train, to think I'd left such a beautiful place, and to think of the nights when I'd wanted to leave it.
     Easy enough to always want to move on and on. Easy enough to forget all the details and the separate days.